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It’s April 1! Do you have your arsenal of practical jokes already for April fools day?

Like many holidays and customs all around the world, no one really knows how April Fools’ Day started. Regardless, people still consider this day as a day where you prank or get pranked.

Before being victimized by your dear friend, make sure that you are already one step ahead. In line with the April Fool’s Day, here are some harmless jokes from aprilfoolzone.com, which you could do to people today:

Tricky Coin

Glue a coin to the floor or the ground in a busy place. Sit nearby and watch as people try to pick it up.


Leave ‘Em Hanging

Sneak in and grab your friends clothes and towels when he/she is busy taking a bath.


Salty Surprise

Simple: put salt on the prank target’s toothbrush. Then stand by to watch the surprised look on their face.


Rude Awakening

Sneak up on your prank target while they are sleeping and put some shaving cream in their hand. Then tickle them on the nose with a feather and watch while they give themselves a face full of foam!

Running Late

While the prank target is asleep, reset all the clocks ahead two hours. When they wake up they will panic and think they slept late and are late for school or work.


Bound Gag

Put a lot of rubberbands around your victim’s cell phone and call his/her number. Look at his/her annoyed reaction.


Keep Searching

Print out a word search puzzle and give it to your victim.  Ask your victim to look for a word that does not exist in the puzzle so he/she will search and search endlessly, until he/she gets frustrated. Wait until he/she realize that  “APRIL” and “FOOLS” are in the puzzle!


Source: www.philstar.com

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