BKFEP’s Top 5 Celebrity Super Dads of 2017

BKFEP’s Top 5 Celebrity Super Dads of 2017

As the foundation and stronghold of every family, being a dad is of no joke. Most of the time, they are the ones who make a lot of efforts and sacrifices to ensure all family needs are given adequate focus and attention.

But nothing will be more difficult than being a celebrity dad.

With their hectic working schedule, know how these five celebrity dads endured and defied the challenges of work and how they successfully manage to balance life at work and with family.

Richard Gutierrez

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Being a part of the family of prominent actors, Richard Gutierrez admitted that he had a phobia of carrying babies until Baby Zion, his child with girlfriend Sarah Lahbati, came out for which he dubbed as his life-changer.

Many are shocked when the public knew with this sudden revelation of Richard having a child. But for him, gone are the days of negativities and issues as this is a real deal for him. In an interview, Richard said that Baby Zion made him a ‘homebody’ and taught him so many lessons in life, including changing his diapers and preparing feeding bottles.

Currently, Richard is still in cloud nine with so many opportunities coming beforehand. Despite their busy schedules, he and Sarah used to devise a timetable to ensure that both of them would still be giving a time to take care Baby Zion.

Doug Kramer

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Known for being a professional player at the Philippine Basketball Association, Doug Kramer is also a hands-on and very disciplinarian father.

Married to actress Cheska Garcia in 2008, he has three children named Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin, still on their toddler ages. Their family is best known with the tagline Team Kramer and has been appearing as a family endorser of various television commercials. They are also considered as one of the model families in the Philippines with almost 1.2 million followers in Facebook.

In spite of the fame their children get from endorsements, Doug still stands committed to teach his children valuable lessons in life through proper way of discipline. Just like any other parents, he admitted that he also uses a discipline stick, as how he called it. It is a plastic stick he uses to spank his children whenever they are committed something wrong, but all of this with a certain limitation. He used to discipline his children privately, he never does it publicly – all of this, with the desire to raise a God-fearing children grounded on good values and virtue.

Up until now, Doug always look forward of spending time with his kids. According to him, “it’s my priority and it’s a natural thing.”

JC Intal

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Married to television host, Bianca Gonzales in 2014, JC Intal is enjoying the peak of his fatherhood with his daughter Lucia, even coining it as “the best feeling in the world!”.

As per his wife, Bianca, JC is a very caring father. Since the time he knew that Bianca was pregnant, he has been very involved and supportive on her maternity period. And it all boils down to his deep excitement as JC is really fond of kids. JC would then often go with her during check-ups and birthing classes.

JC is fond of posting on his Instagram page photos with Lucia during their dates on weekends, be it on places, the mall or at home!

Hayden Kho

After so many challenges over his past, Hayden Kho regarded Scarlet Snow as his “priority ever since she was born”.

The medical doctor would often post photos and videos of their cutest moments via Scarlet’s Instagram account making her daughter the most followed celebrity baby on the site.

Most of their bonding time includes playing and learning. They go often on swimming, visiting the gym, and speaking Mandarin. They also love singing and differentiating sizes such as small, medium, and tall.

Ryan Agoncillo

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TV host Ryan Agoncillo is in full enjoyment exclaiming that he found fulfillment in being a hubby to actress Judy Ann Santos and their children, Yohan and Lucho.

More than his career as actor and tv host, Agoncillo coins Juday, Yohan, and Lucho as his “most prized possessions”. On weekends, they often go to on a mixture of sweaty activities such as running, biking, swimming, and even food adventures. Agoncillo describes his children as “very funny, with very confident personalities”.

Sometimes, Agoncillo used to bring them on the gym using them as training buddies on his workout routines. But the most favorite time of his day is the early morning when they used to take some wacky and silly photo moments with them.

From simple gestures to extravagant moments, it’s good to see that even actors slash dads are doing their very best to endure the challenges of work and time, committed to accept the  one of the hardest jobs in the world – not  being an actor, but being a dad. Happy Father’s Day to all the Super Dads out there!

5 Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for School

5 Tips to Get Your Kids Ready for School

Getting your kids ready for school right after their summer break is important so that they can transition easily back into their school life.

Making sure your kids are ready to go back to school after their summer break is very important, as you need to slowly help them transition from the relaxed routine of summer, to the more rigid and structured routine that they have during the school year. Here are some useful tips:

1. Sleep early, wake up early

About a week before the start of school, you should already be preparing your kids to go back to school. One way would be to put them on a sleep schedule, especially if they tend to sleep late and wake up late during the summer. That way, they can get used to sleeping early, and waking up early to get ready for school.

It’s important to make sure your kids get enough sleep since even losing just an hour of sleep can lower your child’s ability to pay attention during class.

A lack of sleep can also make them feel very tired in school, and has a lot of negative effects on their health.

2. Get them back into the school routine

Aside from making sure your kid sleeps early and wakes up early, you can help them get back into the school routine by asking them to wake up, have breakfast, and get dressed at the same time every morning.

Establishing a routine should help them transition back into the mindset that they need when they go back to school.

3. Give them responsibilities

It’s also important to give your child responsibilities such as preparing the things that they’ll need for school, and making sure that they have everything they need.

Letting them do things on their own instead of doing it for them helps build your child’s sense of responsibility and helps them become more independent, which are both important skills that they need to learn as they’re growing up.

4. Make assignments a part of their routine

In order to make sure your kids always finish their homework, make it a part of their routine. Before school starts, you can keep their skills sharp by giving them simple “assignments” that they should do everyday. Make it fun and exciting, it doesn’t have to be anything difficult, as the important thing here is keeping your child’s mind active during the summer.

5. Get the family involved

To help your kids get ready for school, you can get the entire family involved. Preparing your kids to get back to school should be a team effort, and it’s easier if the entire family is on board.

You can ask your kids to make sure they wake up their siblings on time, and ask them to brush up on some of their subjects so that their minds are sharp when it’s time for them to go back to school.


Source: ph.theasianparent.com

5 Ways To Protect Your Child During The Rainy Season

5 Ways To Protect Your Child During The Rainy Season

The rainy season can offer a lot of fun activities, but it can also come with a lot of illnesses. Your little one can be prone to the common cold, cough, gastrointestinal infections and mosquito-borne diseases.

You don’t have to worry though, because there are several things you can do to protect your child during the rainy days:


Pack reliable water-resistant rain gear

Make sure your little one has a raincoat and/or umbrella. Since most kids don’t like the idea of bringing extra stuff to school, the best way to encourage them to carry protection against the rain is to get them fun umbrellas and colorful raincoats.


Boost your child’s immune system

Don’t wait for the rainy season to come before loading up on vitamins and minerals. Boost your child’s immune system by making sure he gets all the vitamins he needs. This will protect him from the common cough and cold. Vitamin C and Zinc are also great when it comes to warding off the cold virus. You can also double your child’s intake of vitamin-rich food like fruits and vegetables.


Give your kids clean drinking water

Making sure your little one drinks enough clean water helps fight and prevent many illnesses. Water cleanses your child’s body, flushing out toxins and the cold virus. When your child is well hydrated, he would be more capable of resisting the cold and flu.


Teach your kids proper hand-washing

Prevent germs from getting into your child’s body by teaching them how to wash their hands properly. Rainwater can cause ordinary things to become breeding ground for bacteria. It’s best if your child knows how important it is to wash their hands before eating and after touching dirty things.


Keep your surroundings clean

Throw away any empty containers around your house, especially those that would collect rainwater and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Stagnant water can invite parasites and bacteria and cause water-borne diseases that could affect your child.

Be extra vigilant during the rainy season to make sure your child is safe from any diseases.


Source: www.smartparenting.com.ph

Tips to Avoid Sickness during Pregnancy

Tips to Avoid Sickness during Pregnancy

Getting sick is never awesome. Getting sick while pregnant is even worse. You stress more and become paranoid because it’s not just you anymore–there’s another life in the picture. You don’t want to do anything that could possibly affect your baby in your womb.

Unfortunately, pregnant women are more prone to illnesses because their immune system is somewhat suppressed until the baby comes out. That’s because a baby in the womb is still considered a “foreign body,” and your defense mechanisms are working extra hard so as not to see it as a threat and release antibodies to expel it.

That said, you can’t live in a bubble for the whole nine months. Even in our own homes, bacteria and viruses can invade. “An ounce of prevention is better than cure,” but for a pregnant lady, this saying is twice more important. So what would a pregnant girl need to do to not get sick?


1. Eat healthy

Do not eat for two–eat healthy. It’s the first thing you need to do the moment you find out you’re pregnant. Your meals should have the right balance of nutrients you and your baby needs. This also means choosing healthier drinks (water is always the best!), having frequent small snacks, and bringing your sugar intake down a notch, to name a few.


2. Take your vitamins and supplements

If your doctor prescribes you prenatal vitamins, then take them as you are told. Your doctor’s advice is non-negotiable at this point; he has you and your baby’s health on top of the priority list. Think of it as bricks on the wall of defenses your body is building up to fend off the viruses you might encounter daily.


3. Get lots of sleep

Yes, you already heard this from all your parent friends (because you won’t have time to sleep when the baby arrives). Heed their advice because sleep is also crucial to your body, what with the demands of pregnancy taking a toll on your body primarily. You need at least eight hours of sleep or so to keep headaches, nausea, back pains, etc. at bay.

4. Exercise

You’re pregnant, not an invalid, so as much as you can, and as much as your body can handle, exercise. Check with your doctor before you do any strenuous activity. Low-impact exercises such as yoga or Pilates, swimming, and walking are great and beneficial for expecting moms. You’re likely to have fewer aches and pains and will have more energy to face the pregnancy challenges ahead.

 5. Don’t stress
That may be probably easier said than done, but you have to—it’s for your baby! Your stress levels can directly and indirectly affect your health, so keep it low. You are nurturing a life inside you, so take it easy once in a while. Listen to your body and take a breather when you feel exhausted. Remember to stock up on the positive and happy vibes.

6. Practice hand-washing religiously

Fact: Germs are everywhere, but not all of them are harmful. But are you willing to take the risk? To illustrate, your mobile phone has been in contact with other surfaces other than your hands, surfaces that you can’t be sure as to how clean they are. The only solution is to wash your hands before you touch your eyes, ears, nose and mouth. If a soap and water are not available, always bring with your anti-bacterial spray or wipes.

7. Get vaccinated

Not all adult vaccines are safe for pregnant women, so consult with your doctor about the ones that would benefit your specific condition. The flu vaccines are great for preggos and can protect them from complications such as premature labor and low birth weight. Getting the flu shot also protect your baby from the illness in the first six months of life. The measles, mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccine, for example, is essential but should be given at least month before getting pregnant.

8. Wear a mask when needed

If you’re going to crowded places, consider wearing a surgical mask to help you ward off viruses and bacteria. When we say crowded places, it includes schools (sadly, more kids means more germs, and schools are the perfect melting pot for them), hospitals, health care establishments, and transportation hubs like airports and bus terminals. That said, you should also keep your distance from someone who sneezes or coughs.