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Raising a good, healthy and a God-fearing child is what every mother aspires.  As much as possible, they want to see them grow. They do not want to miss every single moment as to how their child progresses, from the time they learned how to walk until the time they got married.

As much as we wanted to be with them 24/7, there would always be times when they need to be far away. This is especially true for moms who ventured show business and chose to work very hard to give what is best for their children.

As we celebrate Mothers’ Day, let us know as to how some celebrity moms exert their full effort to still make unforgettable bonding moments with their children amidst the hectic work load and consistent public attention.

1. Marian Rivera 

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Three years after giving birth to her first child with Dingdong Dantes, actress Marian Rivera, with full smiles, admitted that being a mother changed her a lot.

Marian said that as much as possible she wanted to be a “hands-on mommy” to Baby Letizia who recently made rounds via social media due to her ultimate cuteness. Marian is even proud that she still doesn’t use any infant formula to feed Baby Letizia as she believes on the power of breastfeeding and would frequently bathe Baby Letizia with Dong as their mini-bonding moment after work hours.

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Now she’s a mother, Marian requested for a light working schedule every week. Most often she would tape shows on a half-day to spare time for Baby Letizia. Marian chose this set-up as there were times in the past when she can’t hold back her tears on some moments when she needed to leave Baby Letizia for work.

Currently, Marian is so happy being a working mom and has expressed her plan with Dong for a second child after two or three years.


2. Cristine Reyes 

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Being a first-time mom, Cristine Reyes underwent so many adjustments after her premature delivery to Amarah, her daughter with partner Ali Khatibi.

Cristine admitted that Amarah changed her a lot. Today she is now more conscious about herself.  In terms of taking care to Amarah, she even confessed that there are times she fails to eat and take a shower, just to give Amarah the tender loving care she deserves.

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Though a working mom, Cristine is very meticulous as to whom will baby sit Amarah. She said that at first, they (with Ali) are very hesitant to hire a nanny as it’s not comfortable for them to see other people taking care of their child.

At present, Cristine is full of joy with so many fruitful blessings. Though a full-time wife and mom, Cristine never fails to give herself some sort of kikay session amidst mom responsibilities.


3. LJ Reyes

It was a great challenge for LJ Reyes to be a single mom. Being a critically-acclaimed theater and movie actress, LJ admitted that she found it hard to juggle her time on TV, film, theater, and being a full-time mom to his six-year old son, Aki.

Born on 2010, Aki is LJ Reyes’ son with former Starstruck hunk, Paulo Avelino. Though a single mom, LJ tries to be flexible and adaptable as much as possible. She even shared that the best recipes of being a mom is “being prayerful and having discipline”.

Despite hectic schedule of work, LJ is aware that it is his son, Aki who is her top-priority. They often do movie dates, dine together, and even have little bonding on set, making sure that she would definitely find time with Aki on simple ways.

According to LJ, “Parenting isn’t parenting without struggles” and “all these struggles become easier with a good support group”, she added.


4. Iya Villania

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“You discover how selfless you can actually be” – this what TV actress/host Iya Villania-Arellano realized on trying to sacrifice her 8-hour sleep just to attend the needs of her son with Drew Arellano named Baby Primo.

Baby Primo’s first two months were the most crucial as per Iya. According to her husband, Drew, Iya would often get up three times at night to take care of Baby Primo without even waking him up. Because of that, Drew commends and coins Iya’s performance as a “super mom”.

Unknown to everybody, Iya had a very hard time on giving birth to Baby Primo. She was supposed to be delivered normal until the doctor decided to shift into Caesarian Session. At that time, Iya doesn’t really want to have some cuts but had later decided to agree just to take the baby out.

Currently, Iya finds being a mother enjoying and fulfilling as she has a very supporting group of people around her – from his husband, to her parents, and even with Drew’s parents, and other relatives.


5. Isabel Oli

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Tied a knot with actor/dancer John Prats in 2015, actress/model Isabel Oli has found motherhood both of an exhausting yet an exciting task.

In her own blog site, Isabel narrated how she became a mom to her daughter Feather, who just celebrated her first birthday last April 18. According to Isabel, she and John have worked so hard during the first three months with her baby; they even last until 4 in the morning feeding Feather while John making her burps.

In addition, Isabel is indeed grateful with her husband John Prats because of his comical side. John has been a stress reliever for Isabel as he was very supportive. When Isabel is all tired up, John would often take over and dance their baby all night long to get asleep.

Presently, Isabel has been working out so hard to get back in shape and has expressed her intention to be a full-time mother and wife even if giving up show business is the best option.

Basically, celebrity moms are of no difference as to the moms we have. Unpopular or not, all of them are trying their best to bring joy into our hearts and to nurture new seeds of hope for the next generation.

With that, a simple greeting and kiss to them would surely be enough this Mothers’ Day!

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