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Being a child is the best experience you could ever have in your life!

Two or three decades from now, they’ll probably be asked by a human resource personnel for a job interview of their wonderful experiences in the past, and the first they’ll surely go through are their childhood experiences.

For many, reminiscing childhood memories is the most unforgettable as this is the time when stress, dizziness, and realities of life are still coated with their purest joy.

But what if they can’t think of a great childhood story? That would definitely be alarming!

Moms and Dads, don’t ever wait for that moment, be part of their happy childhood memories!

With this year’s Labor day falling on a Monday, you are guaranteed of an ample amount of time to make this coming long weekend a precious one!

Creating memories and sharing happiness should not be pricey. If you’re tired going out for shopping malls, amusements parks, and other out-of-town visits, you can venture on lively, intimate, and energetic  family bonding activities even inside the four-corners of your home sweetie home!


With most parents spending office works during the weekdays, having some sort of a story telling with your kids is the best way in knowing what they have been through during the entire week!

Aside from the usual story book reading, you can even talk to your child about how you’ve been in your work, trying to chit-chat on some gossips, knowing their idols and crushes, throwing and cracking silly jokes, talking about trends on games, entertainment, movies, etc. You can even bring snacks such as popcorns and play cards to make the talking rolling until it branches out.

Remember, getting acquainted first with their “what’s” can give you some ideas on how to plan in spending the rest of the weekend with them.


Kids’ tummies are at its best when you serve them with the food that they like, but what if you let them join in preparing it?

Visiting the kitchen and letting them experience some sort of a home economics activity such as cracking eggs, mixing flour in a bowl, baking cookies, smattering sprinkles may be of small gestures, but it would totally be of both fun and learning for them.

You can even use this perfect opportunity in trying to experiment new variant of foods and delicacies. Introducing new recipes with greens as ingredients can be of a nice idea!

For fruits, making the Pinoy dessert, Halo-Halo is a good choice, but this time try to discover new fruit blends and combinations for a new satisfactory taste.

As early as now, let them appreciate the nutritional value of these edibles for their health and diet.


If you’re looking for some thrill, setting up an actual camp site in your backyard can be possible!

But if you don’t have an open space outside, you can even camp out in your living room.

Simulate a camping vibe by setting up a tent and lit a fire.  Prepare marshmallows on sticks and have some sort of s’mores making activity. And if you’re doing this inside a room, you don’t even need to buy for an expensive tent, roll out the blankets! This can be a best substitute and have a pretzel party instead!

Though its summer, make sure all of you wear a sweater or a jacket for best experience!


This list won’t surely end without the challenging mind activities.

Board games may sound typical but the thrill that it can give every time stays definitely the same and even higher!

The unending chess board game, monopoly, scrabble, uno cards, snake and ladders, the word-draining scrabble, stack and match, and many more can be of best choice.

You can even check online game apps if you’re looking for something new and fascinating! Trying math-solving activities can be of great help to harness the logic and mathematical skills of your children!


The cutest of all? Show the world your oneness through shirts!

Making personalized family shirt with your children can be of an exciting activity. Letting them burst their artsy side in throwing for good combinations of colors, shapes, and designs is a good way to boost their creative and imaginative thinking.

Invest a little for good coloring paints. For shirts, used plain shirts can do. It’s nice if you’ll be having a uniform color as well as a design that will surely depict the characteristics of your family.

These DIY shirts can be of use every weekend and family hangouts, a family uniform indeed!

With these ways, there is no reason to be run-out of simple yet enjoying bunch of family bonding activities and ideas.

 Now, your child can speak of his wonderful childhood experiences in the near future!

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