Top 5 Places to Spend Your Long Weekend Around the Metro

Top 5 Places to Spend Your Long Weekend Around the Metro

With the long weekends coming up, it is important to spend some quality time with your family. Family time or bonding time is as important as the time you spend working to provide for your family. Given the fact that most parents try to juggle their work and parenting on weekdays, weekends are the only time that a family can really sit down without any work and just bond with the whole family. This makes long weekends sweet as they can plan and visit several places where their whole family can enjoy and bond together. Here are some recommended places where you can spend your long weekend with your family around the Metro.

1. Trampoline Park-Gravity Zone

Source: Our Awesome Planet

Are you looking for a new a fun family park? Try Trampoline Park-Gravity Zone! This family fun park is one of the first and biggest trampoline playgrounds in the country. This fun and exciting playground have one simple concept which is to bring people of all ages together to be active and fit while having fun at the same time. This park is perfect for the whole family as it houses lots of fun activities like several ball games (dodge ball, volleyball, and basketball), diving in a huge foam pit, as well as fitness classes like Gravity Zumba which is perfect for the whole family! This family park also houses a cafe and open area inside where the guests can rest and unwind for a little while before joining the fun.

Location: The Portal, Mayflower Street, Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City (Walking distance from the Shangri-La Mall).

Entrance: Php 320 per hour is the rate of the park on the weekdays and Php 350 on weekends. You also need to purchase a pair of trampoline/gravity socks for Php. 100 that you need to enter the park.

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday with varying prices on the weekends. The park opens at 12NN-9:00pm and 9:00am-10:00pm on Saturdays and 9:00am-9:00pm on Sundays.


2. The Venice Piazza

Venice GrandCanal Mall by night

Source: Kostas Trovas

Do you have any plans on taking your family on a trip to Italy? Worry not, because you can have your ultimate Venice fantasy here in the Metro! Visit the Venice Grand Canal Mall which offers a romantic canal cruise a la Venice. This little Venice attraction is a picturesque sight complete with iconic gondolas that your whole family can board for only Php500. Aside from the gondolas, the Mall also features an area where lovers can put love locks and mark down their love for Php200. After a day of taking pictures with your family, riding a gondola, and feeling the vibes of Venice; you might want to try the different cuisines featured by the different restaurants inside the Mall that will satisfy your cravings.

Location: Upper Mckinley Road, Mckinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Philippines

Entrance: Entrance to the Mall is free

Operating Hours: 11:00am-11:00 pm


3. Manila Ocean Park

Source: Manila Ocean Park

This Marine theme park is the Philippines’ first state-of-the-art Oceanarium, open water marine habitat, restaurant, mall, and function facilities jam packed into one. Since its opening in 2008, Manila ocean park was able to upgrade itself and add several attractions inside the park. This is perfect for the family as the marine theme park features different sea creatures and highlights the biodiversity of the Philippine Marine life. “Buhay na Karagatan” or the Living Ocean (Oceanarium), jellyfish display, birds of prey, sea-lion show, Penguin talk show, trails of Antartica, and the Yexel’s Toy Museum were among the many attractions featured inside Manila Oceanpark. The availability of these programs depends on the package or promo that you will avail. Food stalls and several restaurants are also available inside the Marine theme park. Manila Ocean Park guarantees enjoyment for the whole family showcasing entertainment and educational materials not just for the kids but for the entire family!

Location: Manila Ocean Park Luneta Manila Philippines 1000

Entrance: Entrance for the Oceanarium is Php400. Prices may vary depending on the promo and package that you want.

Operating Hours: 10:00am-8:30 pm

4. La Mesa Ecopark 

Source: Eduardo David Pardo

If you want a breath of fresh air, take your family to La Mesa Ecopark! Let your kids discover the beauty of nature and have a one-of-a kind date with Mother Earth. La Mesa Ecopark is the center of the La Mesa Dam watershed which is the main source of water for Metro Manila. This 33-hectare public park offers the family a lot of activities like biking, boating, fishing, swimming, wall, climbing, even zipline and paintball. This park has a lot of open spaces where visitors are free to conduct all sorts of activities. You can even make this trip extra special by packing a picnic for the whole family, spread a mat and have a picnic enjoy the sight. Food stalls and several attractions are also installed inside the park that whole family can enjoy!

Location: La Mesa Dam Compound, Greater Lagro, Quezon City

Entrance: Php40- Quezon City Residents (With proof of residence), Php20- QC Students (with valid ID), Php50- Non-QC residents. Children below three feet and senior citizens are free of charge.

Operating Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm. Open daily including holidays


5. National Museum

Source: Rappler

Take your whole family here and explore the rich history and cultural heritage of the Philippines. The building itself is historical as it was the former Legislative building which was a witness to several important events in our country. National Museum is home to many great and historical paintings and one of them is the magnificent Spolarium which resides in the main gallery near the entrance. Other galleries inside the Museum are the home of several masterpieces including the works of our national hero, Jose P. Rizal, Hidalgo Guillermo Tolentino, Fernando Amorsolo, as well as Felix Resurreccion. Apart from paintings and sculptures, several artifacts can be found in the galleries. This fun and educational trip are made special and affordable by the fact that its entrance is free!

Location: Padre Burgos Drive, Manila (Near Luneta Park and Intramurous)

Entrance: FREE!

Operating Hours: 10:00am-5:00pm. The Museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays



More than just a candy – Karihome Milk Sweeties

More than just a candy – Karihome Milk Sweeties

Karihome Milk Sweeties are candies made from milk powder containing goat’s milk. It is packed with milk nutrients, high calcium and probiotics, making it more than just a candy. The “sweeties” leave a smooth and milky taste that melts in your mouth which can be enjoyed alone or shared with family and friends.

The “Karihome Milk Sweeties” come in 3 different animal shapes and 5 flavors. For the animals, we have a duck, an elephant, and a panda. The flavors consist of original milk, strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, and yogurt. The fun starts when you pick a piece of sweetie from the can or sachet; since the candies were designed to have a random combination of animal shapes and flavors. It’s hard to tell at first glance, so keep guessing! These candies have an enjoyable milky taste on one hand and with nutrients such as calcium and probiotics on the other. To us, this is a win-win situation.

Karihome Inc., with headquarter in Taiwan, which collaborates with distinguished pharmaceutical and infant experts from New Zealand and Taiwan to jointly develop new products of milk and nutritional food products suitable for people in the Asia-Pacific region.

Meet Karihome as they join the 6th Baby, Kids & Family Expo. Located at Booth MC54 and discover their milk sweeties. To know more about this amazing product, visit their website at

Meet Lee Chia Brush at 6th Baby, Kids & Family Expo PH

Meet Lee Chia Brush at 6th Baby, Kids & Family Expo PH

Lee Chia Brush from Kaohsiung, Taiwan is joining the 6th Baby, Kids & Family Expo Philippines and will bring amazing products at the Expo. It will showcase different types of brushes that can be used for cleaning any types of bottles, especially Baby Bottles. Their products will be seen for the first time at the expo! Here are the samples of the brushes that you will be seen:

Company Information:

Lee Chia Brush Co., Ltd was established in 1970 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan that is a professional manufacturer of interdental brush, bottle brushes, nipple brushes, household ware brushes and industrial brushes. From handle design, mold developing, brush head production, handle assembling and packing design, Lee Chia serve clients by ODM/OEM and meet all client’s requests with certificated quality as FDA and ISO.

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Creating Long-lasting Memories – Timecast Novelties

Creating Long-lasting Memories – Timecast Novelties

Timecast Novelties Inc. owns the master franchise rights for three brands from Singapore, namely:
  • B&G Lifecasting
  • Big Shot Photo Studio
  • The Classic Lines Frame Shop

‘’Creating Long-lasting Memories” is the central theme of these products.

Lifecasting specializes in creating high-quality 3D images of a baby’s hands and feet. While it is expected that these services will be rendered mostly for babies, casts can be made for all members of the family.

Whole-family casts can be a very good way of preserving memories while the kids are young.

There is no limit on what can be cast. Pregnant bellies, facial casts and any other body parts can also be moulded.

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Get to Know More about Promil Gold Four

Get to Know More about Promil Gold Four

We are happy to announce that WYETH’s Promil Gold Four is joining as a Platinum Sponsor at the 6th Baby, Kids & Family Expo PH which will be held at Megatrade Hall 1, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City on September 02-03, 2017. Meet them at booth PS1 and discover how they can help you nurture your child’s gift.

About the Brand

As your child begins to immerse himself in the school environment, he needs to be able to learn mentally, physically, and socio-emotionally. He faces the enormous tasks of exploration and socialization. He now climbs and runs. His eager mind now grasps counting, time, speech, colors and numbers. He is also making new friends – conversing, cooperating and playing. It is during these times that he needs a strong mind and body to be Brain, Body and People Smart.

To help advance your child’s learning abilities, he needs proper parenting, care and advanced nutrition. PROMIL GOLD® FOUR is the only one that contains the GOLD BIOFACTORS SYSTEM®, expertly-designed nutrition to help support strong minds and bodies for your child’s advanced learning.

Give Promil Gold Four together with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle

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10 Nutritious snacks that can boost your kids’ height

10 Nutritious snacks that can boost your kids’ height

Next to genes, good nutrition is the biggest factor in ensuring your kids grow up tall and healthy. According to Scientific American, as much as 40% of individuals’ height differences occurs thanks to nutrition and other environmental factors.

Vertically-gifted people definitely have it easier at life — studies have shown that tall people are likely to be happier and more successful. If you’d like to help your kids reach their full height potential, here are some yummy and healthy snacks they’ll love.


1. Hard-boiled eggs

In a study of Ecuadorian infants aged 6-9 months, researchers found that children who ate an egg everyday were at 47% less risk of stunting than those who did not. Turns out that an egg a day can keep the growth-retardation monster away!

Besides hard-boiled eggs, there’s really no limit to the number of ways you can serve up them up. Sunny-side-up, fried, soft-boiled, scrambled — your picky eaters will never get tired of having eggs everyday!


2. Soya beancurd

Protein-rich soyabeans are a great height-boosting food — according to Scientific American, protein is the most important nutrient for children’s final height. A cool bowl of soya beancurd will make a refreshing treat for your kids on a hot afternoon.


3. Tuna sandwiches

Light tuna is an excellent source of protein and usually found canned. Spread it on toast for a classic yet tasty snack.


4. Mixed nuts

Almonds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, peanuts, cashews… these protein-packednuts make for a crunchy and fuss-free nibble between meals. For an even healthier option, look out for nuts labelled as unsalted.


5. Peanut butter crackers

Depending on the kind you get, peanut butter can pack a serious protein punch. Check the nutritional labels for the high-protein kind, and spread the nutty goodness on crackers, toast, or even pancakes.


6. Yogurt

Calcium helps to maximize bone growth — it’s particularly important for your kids’ growing bones! Yogurt, especially Greek yogurt, is chock-full of calcium and protein.


7. Fresh-squeezed orange juice

Not all calcium needs to come from dairy products — oranges are a surprisingly good source. As a bonus, they are also rich with other essential nutrients, like vitamin D and A. Squeeze out some fresh from the peel, or buy the calcium-fortified kind in cartons.


8. Sweet Potatoes

Studies have shown that Vitamin A supplementation is highly effective in enhancing children’s height growth.

Sweet potatoes are a potent source of Vitamin A. Dice up those yellow, orange, and purple cubes for a homemade treat!


9. Goat cheese sandwiches

Goat cheese is one of the most Vitamin A-rich cheeses out there, though cheddar and camembert also come close. You can spread it on bread or dip cherry tomatoes in the creamy mix.


10. Mango smoothie

This sweet fruit is beloved by kids everywhere — it’s also high in Vitamin A! Simply put frozen mango and equal amounts of milk in a blender for a delicious and healthy drink.