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How exactly are we able to bond and share this experience with our kids in our own creative, little ways?

1. Find time to read books/watch films related to the stories in the Bible.
Other than the main focus of the occasion which is spotlighted on Jesus’s death on the cross, stories and/or shows which depict different themes from the Christian faith will surely capture the attention and interest of the little ones. There are animated shows such as the Super Book series, but you could also encourage children to watch age-appropriate films with an adult’s guidance.

2. Change the routine.
If your child’s habit first thing in the morning is to pick up play with a gadget, ask him to try and do other activities such as reading a book or to lessen the time he spends watching television. This is a simple way to begin teaching children what a little ‘sacrifice’ means, especially during Holy Week. It is also to give time for family bonding or to do some activities together.

3. Be creative.
While Holy Week is traditionally known to be a period of stillness and reflection, you can be creative in your approach to explaining its meaning to your children. Do arts and crafts, play trivia or puzzle games related to the season. Aside from keeping your children active, they also learn something even while school is out.

4. Go out and explore while maintaining a sense of solemnity.
Go with the whole family and do Visita Iglesia, an activity where one prays in different churches. The family could also visit galleries or museums (sometimes churches themselves have their own collections of historical displays) depicting paintings and/or sculptures of religious things, and at the same time parents may continue their storytelling while their children view these works.

5. Prepare the family for the Easter celebration.
This doesn’t mean just browsing the internet for Easter events and parties, but also to let them approach you on the experience they had during the week. The family could attend the Easter vigil and then have a simple meal at home in preparation for Easter Sunday.


This article was originally published by Smart Parenting