Baby’s first Christmas is certainly an event to be treasured. Here are some creative ways to record your first holiday together.

1. Make or buy a personalized ornament. Hang an ornament painted with your baby’s name and birthdate. Every year you can take out this ornament and remember your baby’s first Christmas.

2. Create your first annual photo ornament. Place your baby’s picture in a tiny frame and hang from your Christmas tree. Do the same thing next year and hang the two ornaments next to each other. As the years go by, you’ll have pictures of your baby from each Christmas.

3. Make a Christmas stocking from your baby’s sock. Hang an adorable miniature Christmas stocking next to yours. Decorate it with your baby’s name and the year of his first Christmas.

4. Save your baby’s first Christmas outfit. Dress her in adorable green and red Christmas clothes. These can get stored away and revisited whenever you feel like reminiscing. When you come across it again next year, you’ll realize just how much your child has grown.

5. Give your child a Christmas-themed stuffed animal. There are miniature Santas, reindeers, angels, and elves. As your child grows, you’ll always have it around reminding you of your baby’s first Christmas. It might even become your child’s best friend for a while.

6. Make or buy a personalized Christmas blanket. You can store this with your child’s first Christmas clothes and or hang it on the wall in your baby’s room — assuming you can persuade her to let go of it.

7. Give your baby a Christmas music box. These are treasures that can last a lifetime. He’ll want to fall asleep every night to the peaceful Christmas music.

8. Take plenty of pictures. Get pictures of your child’s face when he first sees the Christmas lights or when he gets his first present. Make sure to also get pictures of your newly formed family.

9. Write a letter to your child. Even though it’ll be a while before your child can read it, this letter can mean a lot to you for years to come. In your letter, tell your child how happy you are to be celebrating your first Christmas with her. Thank her for her first Christmas present to you–being born.

10. Start a Christmas scrapbook. Decorate the cover with your child’s name and birthdate. Fill it with some of your Christmas pictures and any Christmas cards to your baby. You can also write a short description of your baby’s first Christmas — what you gave him, what he ate, or what he found scary — and add it to your scrapbook.


Originally published from Parents