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Hello Dolly partners with The Sanitized®

Hello Dolly partners with The Sanitized®

A parent’s love consists of selfless responsibility, unconditional care and unbarring passion for their little one. Surely, there is nothing that makes a parents’ heart at ease than to see their children being protected from possible harm.

So Hello Dolly comes up with a big plan! Partnering with the brand renowned by the seal of confidence worldwide, Sanitized®, mommies and daddies can worry no more.


SANITIZED AG is a pioneer and a specialist in developing, manufacturing and marketing safe, effective and ready to use antimicrobial additives. A team of specialists in chemistry, safety and regulatory affairs, microbiology and marketing are the basis of a successful history for over 50 years.

The message of the Sanitized® quality seal to the customer is safety, hygiene, well-being and material protection. The Sanitized® quality seal is a promise to the consumer. It is therefore only to be given to finished goods where the consumer’s expectations can be fulfilled. Finished goods branders desiring to use the Sanitized® quality brand on their end articles have to be in-line with the Sanitized® license standard.

Why choose this Sanitized White?

The Hello Dolly Sanitized Collection reduces the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria like MRSA, VRE and NDB-1. It provides all day freshness, round the clock protection for the baby and adds comfort when clothed. Aside from that, it also encourages ecological awareness.

The anti-microbial action of Sanitized is verified and approved in Switzerland. It is also made with 100% combed cotton—contamination free to prevent skin irritation and allergies.

Sanitized technology is safe and durable even after extensive use. Therefore, even if you wash it multiple times, Hello Dolly Sanitized can still be as effective as new.

Hello Dolly Whites Collection

Packs of 3:

  • Long sleeve Tieside
  • Long sleeve Tieside
  • Short sleeve Tieside
  • Sleeveless Tieside
  • Long sleeve Front button
  • Short sleeve Front button
  • Sleeveless Front button
  • T-Shirt
  • Sando
  • Shorts
  • Pajama
  • Bib
  • Pajama
  • Bib
  • Washcloth
  • Booties
  • Mittens
  • Binder


  • Sleepsuit with hood
  • Bodysuit
  • Hooded Blanket
10 Ways to Make your Baby’s First Christmas Memorable

10 Ways to Make your Baby’s First Christmas Memorable

Baby’s first Christmas is certainly an event to be treasured. Here are some creative ways to record your first holiday together.

1. Make or buy a personalized ornament. Hang an ornament painted with your baby’s name and birthdate. Every year you can take out this ornament and remember your baby’s first Christmas.

2. Create your first annual photo ornament. Place your baby’s picture in a tiny frame and hang from your Christmas tree. Do the same thing next year and hang the two ornaments next to each other. As the years go by, you’ll have pictures of your baby from each Christmas.

3. Make a Christmas stocking from your baby’s sock. Hang an adorable miniature Christmas stocking next to yours. Decorate it with your baby’s name and the year of his first Christmas.

4. Save your baby’s first Christmas outfit. Dress her in adorable green and red Christmas clothes. These can get stored away and revisited whenever you feel like reminiscing. When you come across it again next year, you’ll realize just how much your child has grown.

5. Give your child a Christmas-themed stuffed animal. There are miniature Santas, reindeers, angels, and elves. As your child grows, you’ll always have it around reminding you of your baby’s first Christmas. It might even become your child’s best friend for a while.

6. Make or buy a personalized Christmas blanket. You can store this with your child’s first Christmas clothes and or hang it on the wall in your baby’s room — assuming you can persuade her to let go of it.

7. Give your baby a Christmas music box. These are treasures that can last a lifetime. He’ll want to fall asleep every night to the peaceful Christmas music.

8. Take plenty of pictures. Get pictures of your child’s face when he first sees the Christmas lights or when he gets his first present. Make sure to also get pictures of your newly formed family.

9. Write a letter to your child. Even though it’ll be a while before your child can read it, this letter can mean a lot to you for years to come. In your letter, tell your child how happy you are to be celebrating your first Christmas with her. Thank her for her first Christmas present to you–being born.

10. Start a Christmas scrapbook. Decorate the cover with your child’s name and birthdate. Fill it with some of your Christmas pictures and any Christmas cards to your baby. You can also write a short description of your baby’s first Christmas — what you gave him, what he ate, or what he found scary — and add it to your scrapbook.


Originally published from Parents

Celebrity Kids Who Wore Super Cute Costumes this Halloween

Celebrity Kids Who Wore Super Cute Costumes this Halloween

Halloween might be over. But we are sure that the cuteness of these celebrity kids wearing their Halloween costumes will remain in our social media feed and so does in our minds. Let’s recap some of our favorite celebrity kids who were too cute during the trick or treat days:


1. Maria Letizia Dantes


2. Xavi Uy

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Kame hame wave !!! 💥💥💥

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3. Scarlet Snow Belo


4. Balthazar Gabriel


5. Baeby Baste

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USJ with Samsam 👻❤️💀#bastesamsam

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6. Feather Prats


7. Stellar Cipriano


8. Ellie Eigenmann

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It’s friendship day at school today, and (also because it’s halloween,) they were asked to come in whatever costume they prefer. I had tons of ideas in mind. (ie. the dinosaur from Toy Story since we still have the headpiece we got in Disney Land years back, cus it was available) But of course my fashionista kid will not go for “this should do” or anything store bought. Also, for the third year in a row, she is still very particular about going as. A. Black. Cat. And no it can’t just be cat ears with a black outfit like what i made her wear last yr. 😂 she has to have fur, paws, and. A. tail. Cant be a onesie as well because those are for babies, according to her. So I had to resurrect whatever was left of the sewing skills I gained from H.E.L.E. Class 10 yrs ago, and surprisingly, as a result, I created this masterpiece. I think she loved it. You’re welcome girl. I would like to thank Everland, Korea for the cat ears and @inglotph for using ingredients that vegan and eco friendly, and kid friendly as well!😀

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10 Most Stylish Celebrity Moms We Love

10 Most Stylish Celebrity Moms We Love

Being a mother means taking care of every member of the family including themselves.And we would like to share with you these 10 celebrity moms that we know are good in being an inspiration to every moms in motherhood and in fashion.


10. LJ Reyes


9. Cheska Garcia-Kramer


8. Helga Krapf


7. Toni Gonzaga-Soriano

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6. Andi Manzano

5. Jennylyn Mercado

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👗 : @anthonyramirezdesigner

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4. Sarah Lahbati

3. Marian Rivera

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Handle with care. @heronpreston 🍊

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2. Georgina Wilson

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With my extra white twin👼 📸@meetkeso

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1. Liz Uy

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Minty fresh 🌿

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Confidence in Textile, by OEKO-TEX®

Confidence in Textile, by OEKO-TEX®

Official Representative: TESTEX Swiss Textile Testing Ltd., TESTEX Philippines Representative Office


TESTEX is an independent Swiss testing and certification organization operating worldwide with the focus on textile testing. In addition to its headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland), TESTEX has twelve other branch offices, including the Philippines since 2014. TESTEX has been testing, analyzing and certifying with the focus on the textile sector since 1846. The long-established company has become highly regarded, initially in Europe and subsequently also worldwide, for its high-quality services, its independence and its innovative energy.

TESTEX is one of the OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE of the OEKO-TEX Association. OEKO-TEX® is an International Association for research & testing in the field of Textile and Leather Ecology. It is a union of 18 independent textile research and test institutes in Europe and Japan and their worldwide official representative offices.

The core competencies provides important impulses for innovations within the textile and clothing industry, through close cooperation with the manufacturers, their accredited test systems also makes a substantial contribution to the development of high-quality textile and garments products.

The member institutes (TESTEX as one of the lead) are responsible for the joint development of test methods and limit values which form the basis of the product labels according to: Standard-100 certificate, Leather Standard-100 certificate, Made In Green label, and the production site certifications according to STeP– Sustainable Textile Production, and the Eco-Passport certificate, all by OEKO-TEX®.

Our Mission is to empower the consumers and companies to protect our planet by making responsible decisions in purchasing textiles.

OEKO-TEX® certifications is a set of tests from one stage to another, if a textile is SAFE to the human being and environment OR NOT.

The concept of OEKO-TEX® tests for harmful substances is based on a modular system. Having it possible at every stage in the textile production of fibers, yarns, textiles, dyeing and so forth.

Certificates by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide, consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw materials, semi-finished and finished textile products at all processing stages, as well as the material accessories & trims used.

Each successful tests allows for the labeling of respective textiles/leathers or materials with the mark after certificate was issued.

Labels also applies to our textiles and garments. To help increase the awareness of our consumers about the textile & garments they are buying, CHECK the LABELS if they are EVEN SAFE.

Look for the label “Confidence in Textile”, the Key to Confidence by OEKO-TEX®