Style. Comfort. World-class quality.

Not all recliners are equal, just as La-Z-Boy tailors the perfect chair especially fit for dads, moms and even grandparents! With its distinctive quality and style, it’s no small wonder that people of all ages are drooling to have one. It has the strongest frame construction, total body and lumbar support, the most reclining positions, secure 3-position locking footrest and patented La-Z-Boy mechanism. It is basically the perfect chair that anyone from the family would definitely love, and in addition to that, an instant partner in health and wellness.


The smooth and suave daddies would enjoy the Power XR with its effortless operation designed to elevate reclining experience.


For the mom-and-child combo,   treat them to a Stylista chair  that’s sleek and uncompromising.


A Lift Chair can offer comfort and experience perfect for the grandparents.


There may be a million things to do and hardly enough days to work it all out, but the good thing is that we can all go home to a relaxing chair.  After all, health and wellness matters the most!


Treat your loved one with the best gift for home.

Gift them the perfect family chair.



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